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Sevenza ceramic is a well-known brand in the Indian ceramic industry. Our deep understanding of the needs and wants of our customers helps us to serve them well. Our well-established network of over 500+ dealers and retailers across India helps us ensure optimal delivery. All strategies and policies of sevenza ceramic are based on three core values: integrity, passion, and innovation.
We regularly keep in touch with end-users, influencers, and channel partners to maintain sustainable and enduring business relationships. Sevenza Ceramic main focus to manufacturing supreme quality wall tiles for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living areas come alive. Sevenza Ceramic is maintaining international quality standard products for customers. Our products are best in quality with unique & stylish quotient.
Just like all Sevenza brands’ products, innovation and cutting-edge technology are also present in Sevenza’s portfolio, making the brand a pioneer in many initiatives regarding ceramic tile production. We operate throughout the national territory, in addition to countries in Latin America, North America, Africa, and Australia, always offering solutions for better living.

Our Strength

Strengthened by the extensive industry experience of promoters, stringent quality control, and commitment to customer service, our products have established a significant presence across the global market.
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CEO’s Message

It is my privilege to address you straight from my heart and this makes me feel very special. In the quest for excellence and innovation as how we have been vying to work for, you are deeply instrumental in making it become a reality. Our VISION, VALUES AND PHILOSOPHY PLAYING the key role in getting all of us united under one umbrella.
I strongly believe that the new challenges are the base of new learning that is what COVID-19 has made us think and apply. The world will change so as we shall have to. The living style and behavior will be changed all around, so as we shall have to change each intervention of our lives accordingly.

Mr. Jayesh Bhai Detroja

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Company Thought

Sevenza Ceramic is well reckoned in the market as one of the major Group of Manufacturer and Exporter of tiles. We are perfect merger of technology,
performance, functionality and aesthetic appeal. We have become a point of reference for dealers, building firms, designers and architects.
Our efficient workforce along with robust infrastructure has helped us in meeting the diverse needs of the customers.

Our Vision

Our mission is to set standards to the Indian tiles industry and to take the industry to new heights by providing innovative class products and services to our customers. Our mission involves working with commitment, agility and innovation

Our Mission

Innovation is a talent and a driving force as it empowers us to frequently create marvelous quality tiles. Achieve leadership by developing exclusive designs with innovation. Providing joy and superb experiences who use our products.

Our Value

Treat all customers with respect and dignity & give Customer Satisfaction with superior quality product and also protecting the environment. Talent is the multiplier; showcase our talent with creative & innovative work



    Raw Materials

    In order to produce ceramic tiles and stoneware with amazing techniques, the raw materials used are the clay, feldspar sand, silica, and quartz. All of these materials are widely spread on the earth’s crust and not at risk of depletion. Some of the clay used is extracted from a few miles away from the factories in the city of Morbi.

    Advanced Machinery

    Our manufacturing centre makes use of the most up to date and recent technology in the market, to keep the production quality at par, with global and European standards. We already in collaboration with most of the top ceramic machinery suppliers like Sacmi, System, Kera Jet and many others.

    Digital Printing Machine

    The digital printing machine is the right machine for give random effect printing at high resolution to give natural look to tiles. The Press is one of the most important machines in tile production. Its effective use will lead to longer life of tiles.

    Lab Facilitation

    Since its inception, company has been keen on innovation and Research. It is well equipped with a laboratory and manned by experienced and expert people. The work on testing and improvement is done round the clock. Along with the regular activity, we have our researchers working on newer and better product performance designs of the product.