WHAT ABOUT US ? Are you bored of the old white tiles covering the expanse of your floor space?
Are you tired of cooking into a bland and lifeless kitchen?
Do you feel like the flooring of your home doesn’t complement the furniture?
Is the sight of those chipped tiles getting on your nerves?

It is now time for you to inject a fresh gush of air into your home with Sevenza Ceramic. Turn your boring and unwelcoming home into a warm and gorgeous space with our range of stunning ceramic tiles.

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For Living Room

Exclusive collections with different types of finishes and formats, allowing different combinations.

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For Internal Walls

Products with the surprising design combined with technologies that allow coatings with metallic effect and more life with magenta ink, exclusive to the brand.

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This selection contains products that are highly recommended for external walls, due to their strength, grandeur, and beauty. Also, check out the maxi formats of the Large line that allows use in places unusual.

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FOR Bathroom

The resistance and beauty of coatings can also be present on countertops in the most diverse environments.

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Be enchanted by the environments perfectly chosen for you

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  • slab
  • gvt pgvt
  • floor tiles
  • double charge
  • full body
  • wall tiles

TO INSPIRE how they are using our products

Check out our inspiration gallery where we list all the environments in our collections. Check out!

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