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Sevenza ceramic is a well-known brand in the Indian ceramic industry. Our deep understanding of the needs and wants of our customers helps us to serve them well. Our well-established network of over 500+ dealers and retailers across India helps us ensure optimal delivery.

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Exclusive collections with different types of finishes and formats, allowing different combinations.


Products with the surprising design combined with technologies that allow coatings with metallic effect and more life with magenta ink, exclusive to the brand.


This selection contains products that are highly recommended for external walls, due to their strength, grandeur, and beauty.


The resistance and beauty of coatings can also be present on countertops in the most diverse environments.

Discover Design
and Innovation

Our products are designed with an innovative vision. The ideas arise from the restlessness to fill a gap to be filled and the desire to surprise. We seek to make dreams come true, offering original, creative, and bold solutions.

Meet The Creation

The entire creative process is developed by a team of Sevenza designers. The development of our products goes through intense research, search for inspiration, and analysis of global trends in fashion, design, and architecture.


The teams have created a wide range of collections that can meet any design theme imagined for a room.
We have tiles suitable for big, small, grand, compact, subtle or loud ambience. We can meet what an
architect dreams, an interior designer envisions, a homemaker wishes or a child imagines.

Wall Tiles


A highly qualified team brings the existence of Sevenza products to the outer public. In a way that the
market can absorb creations and technologies that are constantly improved in our collections.