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Through its businesses, Sevenza works to develop people, expand positive social-environmental impact throughout our chain, and innovate in sustainable solutions.

We are constantly looking for new business models that generate value for stakeholders amongst today's social and environmental challenges.

What we do is sustainable

This first sustainability report was created with the aim of reporting to the main stakeholders in a transparent manner, bringing complex aspects of the business to their attention, outlining results achieved and informing them of future key objectives set by the Group, with a view to the discussion, ongoing improvement and sharing. The report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standard.

The starting point for this first year was the "Core" level, considered almost entirely achieved. Any data omitted is due to the complex structure of the Group and extremely varied regulatory requirements to which some of our companies are subject.

O que fazemos é sustentável

Raw Materials

In order to produce ceramic tiles and stoneware with amazing techniques, the raw materials used are the clay, feldspar sand, silica, and quartz. All of these materials are widely spread on the earth’s crust and not at risk of depletion. Some of the clay used is extracted from a few miles away from the factories in the city of Morbi. This extraction is always in accordance with the legal requirements of most foreign countries.

Nowadays, the mining projects for recovering the quarries are strategically planned so it doesn’t drastically change the landscape and it doesn’t damage forest areas.

O que fazemos é sustentável